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Moto Ergo Su
Game Designer


A collection of games I've worked on



I’m a Video Game Industry Veteran with decades of non-linear game design experience. I’ve worked in over ten different game engines and specialize in scripted experiences and emergent gameplay. My education and experience makes me a team player who communicates across disciplines with ease.

My passion for game design started back in the 80s with pen & paper Dungeons & Dragons and early adventure games like Zork. My earliest level design memory was the Wolf3D editor on floppy disk. After high school I went to Hobart Institute of Welding Technology and passed QC-7 welding certifications to get a trade under my belt before pursuing game development as a career. 

I started out in Computer Science and thoroughly enjoyed systems logic and circuits, but concluded pure coding wasn't my passion. I moved on to a double major in Studio Art and Philosophy. During my undergraduate studies, I explored life drawing, sculpture, metal-smithing, 35mm and digital photography, digital drawing, digital video, and interactive web design. My philosophy studies explored moral & ethical philosophy and just about every other branch available for study. My final focus became epistemology, stoicism, and behavioral psychology.

I continued my studies at The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University, pursuing a Master's Degree in Digital Game Development. For two years I ground away learning game development across five different game engines and their variations.

My first industry job was with Obsidian Entertainment, where I crafted gameplay ranging from stealth and combat encounters in Alpha Protocol to writing and boss battles in Fallout New Vegas. Working on some of the most reactive roleplaying games in history brought a wealth of experience and insight into non-linear game design and team workflow.

Today, I'm a versatile designer with a growing skillset and an appreciation for accessibility in games. I seek to not only develop games that entertain but also enlighten.


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